Tournament information

Age groups:
U9 – 5-man girls born in 2012 or later
U10 – 5-man girls born in 2012 or later
U-11- 8-man girls born in 2011 or later
U12 –  8-man girls born in 2010 or later
U13 – 8-man girls born in 2009 or later
U13 – 11-man girls born in 2009 or later
U14 – 8-man girls born in 2008 or later
U14 – 11-man girls born in 2008 or later
U15 – 8-man girls born in 2007 or later
U15 – 8-man girls born in 2007 or later

The U9, U10 rows play 5-man football.
U11, U12, U13, U14 and U15 rows play 8-man football.

U13, U14 and 15 rows play 11-man football.

A minimum of eight teams must be registered before a row is created.

A player may participate for several teams in the tournament, but not for two teams in the same row.
A team must consist of an unlimited number of players through tournament, but a maximum of 10 players may be used in every 5 man’s match and, 12 players in each 8-man match.

Rules of the Rules – Madsby Girl Cup
At the start of the match, a lane or ball is drawn. If two teams have the same shirt color, the latter must change sweaters.
Playing with ball size 4.
The playing time of 2 x 15 minutes
There is just room for a few minutes of half-time break.
Replacements are notified to the judge before the match – there may only be a replacement at a game stop
and with the judge’s permission.

1. Most points
2. Goal difference
3. Most scored goals
4. Mutual battle
5. Draw.
In the event of a tie in the cup matches, the match is decided by a penalty shootout following the LP rules (5 kicks for each team). Only the players who joined the course must participate in the penalty shootout.

A team can apply for an age exemption to use max. 2 players (8-man and 11-man) or 1 player (5-man) who were born in the last six months, the year before that age group.
The utilization does not require prior permission and does not result in loss of opportunity to become row finder or be eligible for promotion by wrap.
The age ratio must always be documented upon request to the tournament management.

If you want to protest about. judgments, this must be notified to the judge immediately after the incident.
Protest fee must be paid to the event management immediately after the match.
The protest fee in connection with the Madsby Girl Cup is DKK 300, which is refunded if the protest is accepted.
The board of directors will make the decisions in connection with the running of the event, just as it is the event management, which may possibly quarantine for expelled players and managers.
Madsby Girl Cup has the right to change the game program continuously. The involved clubs are notified directly of changes to mobile calls to the team contact during the event.

Reference is also made to DBU Jyllland’s applicable rules of the game:
5 man click here
8 man’s click here

The results on Saturday form the basis of the composition of Sunday’s event program.
Depending on the series, the teams are divided into A, B, C and D playoffs.

Program sunday
When all matches are played on Saturday, the event management will publish a program containing all Sunday’s matches.
Sunday’s program will also be available at during Saturday night.
Sunday’s program will also be posted on information boards at the clubhouse and can also be picked up during the opening hours at the event office,
The teams that do not spend the night at schools or at the campsite can pick up Sunday’s program in the morning at the convention office.