You can go to Sydney. Or the Little Belt. Both places you can walk on a bridge. When you are in Madsby anyway, I would choose the Little Belt. If you want to experience Fredericia’s new unique tourist attraction, you have ample opportunity to experience the height and suck in the stomach. The spectacular and unobstructed view. Enjoy the water. The ships. The view of land. The wind. Weather. The weak trembling in the bridge when the train rocks over the bridge. Bridgewalking The Little Belt is a new, unique attraction in Europe. The first guests took the trip to the top in May 2015. Join and get a truly unique experience that has not previously been possible in Europe.
The tour starts at the Welcome Center. Here you are welcomed by our knowledgeable guides who prepare you for the fantastic trip you are going to make. Together you go from the Welcome Center to The Old Little Belt Bridge, where you are connected to a security system – and then it goes up! Up to 60 meters height and out on the bridge over the bridge. Along the way, the guide tells about the bridge’s architecture, history, construction and nature around the Little Belt.
We look forward to welcoming you in height!
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