The overnight teams are accommodated in schools located close to the courses. Each club gets its own room and the participants must bring their own sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

The following schools are used:
Úllerupbækskolen – Department Nørre Alle, Nørre Alle 5, 7000 Fredericia
Ullerupbækskolen – Department Skjoldborgvej, Skjoldborgvej 25, 7000 Fredericia
Kristinebjergskolen – Department Høgevej, Høgevej 5, 7000 Fredericia
Kristinebjergskolen – Department Skansevej, Indre Ringvej 175, 7000 Fredericia – (Shuttle)
Kristinebjergskolen – Department Treldevejen, Havepladsvej 175, 7000 Fredericia – (Shuttle)
Erritsø Community School – Department Krogsagervej, Krogsager 30, 7000 Fredericia – (Shuttle)
Erritsø Community School – Department Højmosen, Højmosevej 2, 7000 Fredericia – (Shuttle)
Fredericia School, Merkurvænget 2, 7000 Fredericia – (Shuttle)

Shuttle Bus will run throughout the event between Kirstinebjerg School – Havepladsvej, Kirstinebjerg School – Skansevej, Erritsø Common School – Krogsagervej, Erritsø Fællesskole – Højmosevej and Fredericia School – Merkurvænget.

Changing takes and bath place in the schools.


You have the opportunity to follow the matches closely and experience the special mood of the Madsby Girl Cup.
The campsite is located in the immediate vicinity of the courts and Madsby Lege Park.
The camping site is intended for parents and other relatives who want to follow their girls under cozy and relaxing camping conditions. All enrollment will be placed club so that the social element is also secured.

The price is NOK 400.00 per. unit (Friday – Sunday).

The price includes rent of space (6 x 10 meters), electricity and access to good baths and toilet facilities in clubhouse.

Booking can take place until Juni 1, 2022.

If any questions, please contact the secretariat on telephone + 45 21366520 or mail: