The teams are accommodated
Ulleup Bækskolen, Dept. Nørre Allé, Nørre Allé 5 7000 Fredericia
Ullerup Bækskolen, Dept. Skjoldborgvej, Skjoldborgvejen 25, 7000 Fredericia
Kirstinebjerg School- Afd. Indre Ringvej, Indre Ringvej 175, 7000 Fredericia.
Kirstinebjerg School, Dept. Høgevej, Høgevej 5 7000 Fredericia,
Kirstinebjerg School, Dept. Havepladsvej, Havepladsvej 175, 7000 Fredericia
Erritsø Community School, Dept. Krogsager, Krogsagervej 30, 7000 Fredericia
Erritsø Community School, Dept. Højmosen, Højmosevej 2, 7000 Fredericia
Fredericia School,Dept. Merkurvej,7000 Fredericia

Upon arrival at the schools, the teams check in and will be allocated room.
Check-in for the event is made by contacting the event office. Here, T-shirts, participant bracelets and a little surprise will be handed out. Deposit for room will be charged.
Accommodation Rules.
Upon arrival, an overview is made of the seats and the tables before they are set aside. Upon departure, they must be returned to the original seats.
We encourage you to take a picture of the room’s layout
Remember that there must be an escape route of 0.5 meters in front of windows
Before departure, you must clean up yourself
– Empty garbage can – Black bags are available at the guard
– Close windows
– remove curtains
– Make sure all chairs are hung up or laid on the tables.
– sweeping / vacuuming the floor
– Turning off the light
Leave cupboards, drawers, bulletin boards and boards in peace.
Smartboards must not be used.
Beer and strong drinks must not be enjoyed in the schools
Smoking is not allowed in schools
Get the room approved by the guards before departure.
Ball games in the hallways are prohibited
There must be peace in the hallways at. 23:00
At least one manager over the age of 18 must stay with the players.
We encourage the teams to bring an extension cord for charging mobile phones.
Do not use smart-board plugs. If the smart-boards of the room do not work when the school starts again, the club will be liable for a fine of DKK 1,000.00

Check-in at the schools can take place from Friday, January 31st at. 16:00
Check-in at the schools can take place from Saturday, June 1st at. 07:00

Check out Sunday must be done no later than. 17.00.