Opening ceremony

Friday evening at 8 pm there is official opening of the Madsby Girl Cup
All the girls will march club / team in on lane 1 in front of the clubhouse. Take your beautiful banners or club flags with and of course your bangs.
Pratical information about marching
Meeting time on the court (to the left of parking spaces) is at 19.45. All teams are also welcome teams who do not stay overnight.
You simply take up clubs / teams, after which the teams march towards lane 1. There will still be coordinators so there will be no chaos.
Opening program:
Kl. 19.45: Collects all participating teams on the facility’s courts.
Kl. 20.00: Total entry of the teams to the showcase at the clubhouse.
Kl. 20.15: Event management welcomes you.
Kl. 20.15 Madsby Girl Cup is opened by Mayor Steen Wrist.
Kl. 20.15: Opening by guest of the year.
Kl. 20.25: Entertainment by band.
Kl. 21.00: Finish

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